Sensory Tools, Not Toys

Fidgets: Sensory Tools, Not Toys

First of all, fidgets have gotten a bad reputation lately (think those glorious lead-painted  spinners that were all the rage last year). Let’s start over, shake hands, and give  fidgets another chance.   

The Benefit 

The people (I say people because adults also use fidgets) who can  benefit from fidgets are those who constantly feel the need to be moving. Instead of getting up and bouncing or pacing, they are able  to redirect that energy to a small object in their hands. In many cases, fidgets ARE very helpful for attention and focus.    

The Rules 

A fidget is a TOOL, not a toy. It’s not something to play with, make  noise, or distract others with. If a fidget is not being used the appropriate way, the “toy” can be removed.  Keep the fidget on your lap or on your desk. Try not to get fidgets that make noise (I’m looking at you, spinners).  

Pro-tip​: If you don’t want a fidget to be a toy, don’t make it a prize to earn.

-Christine M, OTR/L

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