Seating in the Classroom

Did  you know…

Children’s posture and positioning in their desks and chairs GREATLY  affect their ability to properly write and pay attention?  

Some tell-tale signs of incorrect seating are: 

-Slumped Posture 

-Swinging Feet 

-Sitting on Legs 

-Standing at Desk   

As a general rule, us OT’s look at 90/90/90, (90 degrees at the ankles,  knees, and hips). Here is something important to know. If a child’s feet cannot cannot be rested flat on the floor, they have to compensate the rest of their body to stabilize themselves. This creates a chain-reaction, that eventually affects their ability to keep their body upright and affects their ability to use their fine motor skills in the most optimal way. (Next time you see a kiddo slumped over their desk, take a peek at their feet… they are likely not flat on the floor).

Some classrooms have adjustable desks, this often just requires a call to the custodians to help adjust the desk. Although a little more work and possible uneven desks throughout the room, this helps individually fit the needs of each child.

Some desks and tables are not adjustable. For those who do not have  adjustable desks, there are some other tricks and tips to help get  each individual child in their optimal seating position, such as:

-Foot Rests (I’ve made these for cheap by wrapping up an old phone book in duct tape)

-Switching up chair sizes

-Placing something on the seat to “boost” the child up

It’s important to think about each child and think outside the box.

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