Hollow Sensory Baby Teething Tube with Cleaning Brush

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  • Designed with Sensory Stimulating Textures to satisfy sensory needs.
  • The perfect density to provide that deep molar impact children crave when chewing.
  • All Senso Minds Products are made FDA Compliant, Food Grade Silicone, FREE of BPA, Phthalates & Petroleum Based Plastics
  • Chew Necklaces are Dishwasher Safe and can be cleaned via Warm Water & Soap!

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This Senso Minds® Teether is a fan favorite!

Here’s what they have to say:

“Long & Flexible Teething Tube

Our baby teething tubes measure 7.1 inches long, long enough to reach your teething baby’s back molars to soothe teething irritation.

Textures Provide Sensory Satisfaction

All of our baby teether tubes are designed with sensory satisfaction in mind. Bumps, waves, arrows and dots make our teethers irresistible to your teething baby – they will want to chew!

Soft & Hollow For Easy Chewing

With just enough resistance to keep your baby interested, our hollow silicone baby teething tubes are unlike any other teething toys. A straw like shape allows for easy compression and also makes it easy to clean inside and out after use.”- Senso Minds