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W-Sitting: What’s The Big Deal?

W-Sitting: What’s The Big Deal? You’ve seen it. You know that it’s discouraged. It looks painful… but  our kids still sit like that. Why do

Sensory Tools, Not Toys

Fidgets: Sensory Tools, Not Toys First of all, fidgets have gotten a bad reputation lately (think those glorious lead-painted  spinners that were all the rage

Seating in the Classroom

Did  you know… Children’s posture and positioning in their desks and chairs GREATLY  affect their ability to properly write and pay attention?   Some tell-tale

Space Man- Fun Handwriting Tips that Work

“Space-Man Project” As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, one of the biggest concerns I hear in all settings is handwriting. Handwriting. Handwriting. Handwriting. In fact, handwriting